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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 // Ego-Shooter



Just in time for the colder days and nights, it is getting hot in S.K.I.L.L.: Hexa League 2, a new female mercenary named 'Victoria', and the Camo Contest Orgelbox 'Flames' are just three examples of the fresh content coming your way!


The winter and the lengthy holiday period are just around the corner. To ensure that the game's mood matches the season, we've once again festively decorated the lobby and also activated the 'Snowball Fight' mode. Just like last year, you can duel with snowballs to your heart's content on the Christmas Farm and Heavy Snow maps!


NEW VIP MAP: Hexa League 2

Hexa League comprises 6 small maps, from which one is played on per round. They all offer a unique way of playing through their own rules and modifications. The best way to see if for yourself is to try it out! Naturally exclusive to VIPs at first.

Maps for every User

  • Snowball Fight: Christmas Farm and Heavy Snow
  • We've made the 'Riverbank' map available to all players

The "Summer Valley" map has been removed. 

5 New Orgelboxes

SIG551 Skull Supreme

Seize your chance: from today on the new orgelbox SIG551 Skull Supreme is available in the shop. For the first time you can get the legendary SIG551 Supreme as the main prize – in the exclusive and deadly Skull version. What's special: up till now Supreme weapons were available exclusively as a special prize with the highest rarity, never before in focus as the main prize. 

Are you a winner? Then buy your capsule now! ARX160 Rider

New to the capsule market: the ARX160 Rider. The ARX160 is an assault rifle made by the Italian company Beretta. It is offered in the orgelbox together with the Rider CAMO. 

CAMO Contest Box - Flames Camo Box

The winner of the CAMO Contest in Summer 2016 is now available as an orgelbox. The box contains the HK417, the FAMAS and also the CZ700 with the winning "Flames" CAMO.  Eagle Eye Snow

The fourth new orgelbox offers you the chance at getting the rare Eagle Eye Snow. This has the highest SP boost in the game: 60%. On top of this it also now offers 15 Lucky Points too.

Hexa League Box

The fifth box is the Hexa League Box. It is offered for SP, but you can also win one as a reward after each participation in Hexa League 2.

1 New Mercenary in the Shop

Victoria (only available in the bundle)

Victoria is exclusive to the bundle including the XM8 Gothloli. She offers an 50% boost on earned experience and 50% more SP, she is also only available for a limited period of time! 

Diverse Items

In addition to the first Christmas items, there are now also 2 new Hexa weapons available! They're something to look forward to!

Changelog in the Forum

As always, the full details can be found in the Forum.

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