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The zombies are back! In time for Halloween there's 2 new zombie maps, a Halloween weapon, a gruesome soldier and a feminine Desert Eagle.

Attention soldiers,

Check out the treats this Halloween! In time for the most ghoulish night of the year we have 2 new zombie maps including a new mode, 1 Halloween Orgelbox and 2 new mercenaries!

Look forward to an explosion of in-game events. 

Here's an overview of all that's coming:


The zombies are back. This time around you can go up against the hordes in 2 new maps.

Quarantine - Zombie Hunt

New map 'Zombie Hunt' is available exclusively to VIPs in the new 'Quarantine' mode. Decide between being a zombie or a human. Who do you wish to play as to ensure that you overwhelm your enemy?


The map 'Foggy Farm' is available to all users. As the name suggests, there's a fair amount of mist in play: be sure to have a flashlight with you to keep a clear view of proceedings.


HK417 Haunted

The HK417 Haunted orgelbox contains all kinds of camo sprays, masks and other items that are perfect for Halloween.


The Fall Collection: there's 6 weapons with the unique Maple FX Camo, available for SP.

2 NEW Mercenaries in the SHOP

Reaper (Bundle Exclusive)

Ready for Halloween: the 'Reaper'! This gruesome mercenary is only available in this bundle, complete with bloody knife and a helpful flashlight for the 'Foggy Farm' map. The Reaper offers a 40% boost on earned experience points and 40% more SP. It is also only available for a limited period of time.


Male Desert Eagles are yesterday's news! Here's Scarlet. Get the female sniper mercenary 'Scarlet' now - she's only here for a short while! For the price of 249 CASH she gives you a 40% boost on earned experience points and 40% more SP. She is also only available for a limited period of time. 

In-game Event: FIREWORKS 

We've got a veritable explosion of in-game events coming in celebration of the start of the North American version of S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2. There's 2 kinds of daily events and also some great prizes to help sweeten your time in-game between the 26th October and the 1st November!


The TRG is now available in the SP Shop!

Change Log in the Forum

As always, you'll find all further details in the forum.

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