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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 // Ego-Shooter



S.K.I.L.L. September Update: check out the fresh new look for the shop and inventory! Additionally the VIP map 'Riverbank' is live and the map 'Office' is now available to everyone. In the shop there's a new Supreme Box, an Orgelbox and the KSK mercenary.

Attention Soldiers,

Check out the fresh new look for the shop and inventory! There's also VIP map 'Riverbank' live and map 'Office' is now available to all players. In the shop there is a new Supreme Box, an Orgelbox and the KSK mercenary.

Here's an overview of all improvements:


 - Watery warring: welcome to VIP map 'Riverbank'.  - Battle the bureaucracy: map 'Office' is now available to all users.


M92FS Skull Supreme (Single & Dual)

Shop for deals with the M92FS Skull Supreme orgelbox: starting today there's the new orgelbox M92FS Skull Supreme available in the shop. For the first time there's the legendary M92FS available as the main prize (not just as the special prize!) – in two extraordinary Skull versions, as a single and as a dual.

Are you a winner? Then get this capsule now! 

TRG IronGun

New to the capsule market: orgelbox 'TRG Irongun'. The TRG is a sniper rifle system developed and produced by the Finnish associate of the Beretta Group, Sako.

NEW mercenaries in the SHOP

German precision with mercenary 'KSK' – only available for a limited time! For 199 CASH, he offers a 40% boost on the experience points that you earn and also 40% more SP.

For marksmen: the Eagle Eye Bundle. The prized Eagle Eye mercenary is now available with 60 TRG Irongun orgelbox capsules. This bundle saves you over 20%.

  User Interface Improvements

New Look: the user interface has been reworked from the ground up: your inventory and the shop are now clearer and easier to use.

Get the matches you want with the improvements in the matchmaking screen: from now on, you can make various restrictions as a match creator (e.g. only permit sniper rifles in your match).


Further Changes

The SFWC weapons and items have been removed from the shop.  

Change Log in the Forum

As always, read the full details on our forum.

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